Transparency, Confidence and Service

These are our man pillars to offer solutions to all our customers needs.

We provide legal advice in different languages.

Our experience and reputation are backed up by the satisfaction of all our customers who constantly reference us

Legal Services

We are specialized in different Law disciplines

Language Learning.

Personalised teaching programmmes adapted to the customer’s profile and objectives

Translation and Interpretation

We translate official documents for companies and individuals with professionalism and efficiency

Legal Services

Bank Law

Mortgage Expenses, Spanish Floor Clause, IRPH (Mortgage Loan Reference Index), Convertible Bonds,  Multi-Currency Mortgage, Revolvíng cards. Cases Banco Popular.

Family Law

Divorces, modification of measures, guardianships.

Criminal Law

Complaints, actions, alcoholism, injuries, threats. Traffic accidents

Civil Law

Claim of debts, contracts writing (deposit contract, leasing,renting, sale, etc.), extrajudicial agreements.

Foreign Affairs and Immigration

Expulsions, asylum, acquisition of nationality, visas, obtaining residence permits, work, etc.

International Law

International contracts, import-export, legal advice on Foreign Trade.

Language Learning

As a competitive advantage, we offer personalised Individual and Group programmes destined to all types of objectives, levels and ages, in both academic and business fields.

Multilingual Legal Advice

We attend legal issues in Spanish, English and Bulgarian.

English exams for Civil Servant Candidate

We prepare the English tests of different civil serant exams.

English Preparation for EBAU (University Entrance Exam) Access

Practical preparation for University Entrance Exams.

Business English

Business English, team building, job interviews, etc.

Programmes for Companies

Executives, employees, job interviews, etc

Official Exams

Cambridge, Oxford, Trinity, Pearson, IELTS

Private lessons at home and / or in our academy

Individual and Group personalised programmes for all types of objectives, levels and ages

Classes for small groups

English classes for up to 5 people

Team Building

Training of professional teams with practical and dynamic methodology


Legal Translation-Interpretation

Contracts, Sentences, Demands, Legal Actions, Claims, Complaints, Assistance in lawsuits and declarations at Court.

Official documents

Certificates (academic, marriage), licence, testament, powers, notarial documents, etc.

Commercial Area

Statements, reports, commercial contracts, annual accounts, company policies, internal documents, Service Lists, etc.

Interpretation in Negotiations

Multilingual linguistic assistance in business meetings, agreements, job interviews, international contracts, etc.

About me

Mrs. Martina Atanasova Dunkova has a Law Degree from the University of Salamanca.

Master in International Business Law from the University of Barcelona and OBS Business School.

She is a collaborating member of the virtual firm in the field of Foreign Affairs and Immigration.

Lawyer Nº 3313 of the Illustrious Bar Association of Salamanca.

Expert in Bank Law, Civil Law and Labour Law.

She also provides legal advice to companies in the field of Foreign Trade and International contracts (export-import).

Languages: Spanish, English and Bulgarian.

923 62 17 60

Gran Vía, 67 – 3ºA

37001 Salamanca


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