Mrs. Martina Atanasova Dunkova

Trained by Cambridge University and Trinity College of London

Our highly qualified teachers stand out with Closeness, Professionalism and Results

As a competitive advantage, we offer ONLINE personalised Individual and Group programmes destined to all types of objectives, levels and ages, in both academic and business fields.

Our experience and reputation are accredited by the satisfaction of all our clients and students.

Multilingual Legal Advice

We attend legal issues in Spanish, English and Bulgarian.

ONLINE English Preparation for EBAU (University Entrance Exam) Access
ONLINE Practical preparation for University Entrance Exams.
ONLINE Business English

ONLINE Business English, team building, job interviews, etc.

ONLINE Legal English
ONLINE Legal English, prepare basic and advanced vocabulary for the use of English at Court.
ONLINE Programmes for Companies

executives, employees, job interviews, etc

ONLINE Team Building
ONLINE Training of professional teams with practical and dynamic methodology
Official Exams

Cambridge, Oxford, Trinity, Pearson, IELTS

Classes ONLINE for small groups

ONLINE English classes for up to 5 people

Collaboration with other Academies and Educational Centers

Provision of training services through a commercial contract

ONLINE English Exam Preparation for Master Degree Access in Spanish and foreign Universities.
ONLINE Practical preparation for the Master Degree in Spanish and foreign Universities.
ONLINE Preparation in English to give Lectures, Talks and Conferences
ONLINE Preparation of basic and advanced vocabulary for the use of English in lectures, talks and conferences

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